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Join Simon and Susan G. Komen's Support & Save Shopping Event

April 15th - May 31st

Participation Deadline: February 22nd

Charity Partnership,Marketing Program,All Malls

This Spring help us celebrate Moms and the special women in our life with Susan G. Komen and the  "More Than Pink" Movement.  

From April 15 through May 31st, shoppers at a Simon center will have the opportunity to Support & Save by making a donation to Susan G. Komen and in return will receive a discount card featuring: 

- 25% off one single item at participating stores in Simon Mills and Premium Outlets
- 15% off one single item or 25% off one single item at participating stores in Simon Malls.

Deadline for participation: February 22nd

Simon is committed to playing a crucial role to help make an impact in the lives of women in communities around the US.

It's one thing to talk about a cause;
It's another to do something about it.
So we're done talking.
We want more doing.

Please join us to help make a difference

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