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Advertising with Beacons is Now Even Easier

"Nearly half of smartphone users worldwide said they can’t wait to receive real-time promotions from retailers on their smartphone device”.

- Recent poll of 10,000 smartphone users by Accenture 

Mobiquity Networks, our common area beacon network partner, has developed a turn-key solution for delivering hyper-local mobile campaigns in our common areas.

Use this data to reach shoppers with location specificity and targeted messages, and drive them to your stores.

Now offering:

- More Malls: a total reach of 475+ mall properties including Simon Regional, Premium Outlets and Mills.

- Larger App Publisher Network: Leverage existing mobile shopping apps to trigger your campaign including Shopular, GeoQpons, Snipsnap, Moviefone and more...

- Simplicity: use your own shopper app with a simple SKD integration

- Proven success: Campaign attribution metrics provided.  

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