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Case Study - Bobby's Burger Palace

"We’re proud to have such great partners in Simon's National Retailer Marketing. They understand our challenges vary by location, and are willing to roll up their sleeves and solve along with us. We recently launched custom-tailored initiatives for three different locations, each solving a different problem. I’m happy to report positive results. Even happier to continue fostering a great working partnership."


Ronn Pearson

Director, Branding & Marketing | Bobby's Burger Palace

Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP) has been serving the East Coast "high-quality, never-frozen, made-to-order deliciousness" since 2008. The concept behind celebrity chef, Bobby Flay's menu is none other than the All American burger, but this time with a culturally-refined twist. Inspired by Flay’s extensive travels throughout America, his signature menu items give customers the opportunity to encounter a regionally-inspired casual dining experience by visiting any of BBP's locations, many of which reside within a Simon center.

Needless to say, campaigning the BBP brand has been an on-going, partnered effort with Simon for several years and counting. Partnered custom campaigns for BBP locations have consisted of on-mall media, such as britewalls, sky banners, standees, floor clings, table tents and pole banners, as well as PR support, email blasts, text messages and a strong social media & website presence. Check out some highlights selected from a range of support programs designed to create awareness and drive traffic to Bobby's Burger Palace.

Email Blasts

Social Media Posts

Digital Dining Guides (Example from Dadeland Mall)

BBP's "Burger of the Month" featured in Dadeland Mall's "Deals" section of their webpage:

Click here to find out more about the Little Italy inspired "Burger of the Month".

Large-format ​Digital Board

Exterior Custom Britewalls

Large-format Sky Banner

On-mall Standee

Custom Food Court Bulkhead

PR Support

Handheld Dining Guides Distributed to Local Area Businesses and Tourism Partners

On-Mall Dining Category Campaign Media

Local Event Inclusion (Photo from Dadeland Mall's Terrace Dining Grand Opening Event)

Simon SAID Custom Feature Article

This Spring, Simon had the opportunity to dine and chat with Bobby Flay at our Roosevelt Field Mall, where he shared more than just a meal. Flay revealed the secret to an unforgettable burger, the story behind each regionally-inspired "burger of the month", and more.

  Click here to see the full story on Simon SAID.

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