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Case Study - Del Frisco's Grille

Long Island, NY

On June 24th, 2016, Del Fresco's Grille opened their doors as Walt Whitman's newest dining destination.

The modernly refined, classic American bar and grill launched the initial stages of their partnered opening campaign in December of 2015 with "coming soon" messaging, leading up to "now open" promotions in late June of 2016. Promotional efforts consisted of on-mall media platforms, digital website and social network advertisements, special events, e-mail blasts, static print ads featured in regional magazines and other Public Relations efforts.

Coming Soon Promotions

On-mall Backlit AdPanels​:

Long Island Pulse Magazine Ad listed as one of several new options at Walt Whitman:

Social Media Posts:

VIP Event including key local contacts and select media contacts:

Public Relations efforts for Del Frisco Grille's "Coming Soon" Campaign were released in December 2015 followed by a "second wave" in June 2016, just before their grand opening launch:

Now Open: On-Mall Media

Full Page Ad in Dining Guide:

Customized Standees:

Now Open: Digital Media



Mall Website Hero Slider:

Email Blast:

Now Open: Print Media

Full Page Ad to appear in Long Island Pulse Magazine, July/August 2016 Issue:

A Dining Category Integration

Del Frisco's Grille is fully integrated into Simon's new Dining Category Campaign, spanning all consumer touch-points on-mall, digitally and in market with Dining Guides (hand held and digital), Mall Backlit Directories, Handheld Directories, Email blasts, Print Ads, Social Media and Public Relations platforms.

Dining Category Ad to appear in July, August & September publications of 25A Magazine:

Printed Dining Guide:

On-mall Media:

PR Support:

Website Hero Slider:​

Digital Dining Guide:

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