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Deer Widows Shopping Weekend - Join Us

Bargain Hunting Guide, VIP Reception Prizes, Giftcard Giveaways and Giftbag Opportunities. Deadline For Participation: September 12th.

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While men are away for the opening of the 2016 hunting season, Simon's favorite "Deer Widows" come out to shop and have some fun. Help us celebrate this 20 year shopping tradition with your special offers. There will be food, prizes and entertainment to add to the fun atmosphere on mall.

Dates vary across participating centers between November 4–20, 2016

Offer Deadline: September 12, 2016

Additional Event Participation Opportunities:

VIP Welcome Reception Prizes:
Featuring live music or entertainment and light refreshments the VIP Welcome Reception is held in the common area of the center from 6-7 pm on Friday. Stores are able to donate items of significant value (over $20 value) to be used as surprise & delight at the welcome reception.

Gift Card Giveaways “Win Big Bucks” Scratch Cards:
The “Win Big Bucks” scratch card event hosted on Saturday has become the signature of Deer Widows Weekend at every center. At least 200 scratch cards are available at each of a select number of host stores at each center. This helps to get shoppers out early, extending their length of stay at the center while also promoting early foot traffic into the host store(s). Stores can support the signature program with store giftcard donations in varying denominations ($10, $20, $25, $50, $100).

Gift Bags – Block Party:
The Sunday Morning Block Party is a tradition that continues to grow and is hosted at one sponsor store per center. Encouraging shoppers to get out early in the day, this helps extend the stay at the center while focusing foot traffic in-store at Sunday’s Block Party Host Store. Swag bags are provided by the host store to the first 200 shoppers at each center and may be supplemented with additional swag from other center retailers. Your store can provide gift bag items with a value of at least $5-$10. Many stores find that a bounceback coupon for that day or during the upcoming holiday period work well as included with the gift bag item.

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