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Del Amo Fashion Center Eats!

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FoodBeast is calling Del Amo Fashion Center "The Chomping Ground". Del Amo Fashion Center is less than four miles from the Redondo Beach Pier and features some of the most stunning contemporary architecture found in Southern California. With a long list of culturally diverse eateries, Del Amo Fashion Center isn’t just a shopping mall. Feast your eyes on FoodBeast top three foods at Del Amo Fashion Center!

Frida Mexican Cuisine - Traditional Mexican classic- The Molcajete Frida — A giant boiling bowl of slightly spicy salsa verde sauce, made with tomatillos onions and cilantro, served with nopales (grilled cactus), chicken, juicy carne asada, and a creamy queso panela.

Pink’s Hot Dog’s - Jaws Burger- A charbroiled chili cheese burger, served with a perfectly grilled spicy Polish sausage, topped with lettuce, tomato and onions.

Brio Coastal Bar & Kitchen- Buffalo Cauliflower Steak-Sliced cauliflower, grilled, then drizzled with a tangy buffalo sauce and a spicy horseradish sauce.

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