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Join Simon, Mills and Premium Outlets' Savings Passport Coupon Book Programs

Target International and Domestic Tourists.

· Simon Brand,Premium Outlets

2018 Saving's Passport Sign up

Reserve your space now in our complimentary 2018 Savings, Destination and Platinum Passport coupon books. These programs offer proven ROI and increased sales for our retailers by providing access to motivated and affluent shoppers, and domestic and international tourists.

Saving’s Passport (124 Centers) 

The Savings Passport is offered to visitors through marketing or community initiatives (Military, Student/Teacher Appreciation, VIP Shopper Club, Mother's Day, etc). The Passport is promoted via several channels including PR, on-site collateral, social & digital media, Guest Services and more. It is available for purchase on mall. The Savings Passport will also be available digitally for any shoppers that sign up for the VIP Shopper Club program at Premium Outlets centers.

If your center does not have a Destination or Platinum Passport , the Savings Passport is a great option for targeting our tourists!

Destination Passport (32 Centers) 

This passport is exclusive to our travel trade partners (tour operators, travel agents, airlines, hotels) and is designed for our centers that have high international and domestic penetration. It will be offered to visitors who participate in tourism driving initiatives. Not available for purchase.  

Platinum Passport (19 Centers) 

Targets the largest International banks' affluent card holders. Participating banks' cardholders will receive a free Simon Platinum Passport when they show their credit card at Guest Services. This program will be highly targeted and heavily advertised in origin countries to the banks' customers. Not available for purchase.  


1. Provide an offer which will go into both the Savings and Destination Passports.  

2. Provide a "best" offer for the Platinum Passport which needs to be better than the offer in the Savings and Destination Passports. 


September 22, 2017  


February 1, 2018 - January 31, 2019 

Please click on the button(s) below to fill out the offer reservation form and for a list of participating centers.

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