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Partner Highlight - Swirl Networks, Inc.

Get More From Every Shopper Visit

· Innovation,Technology,Simon Venture Group

Thanks to the power of connected smartphones and digital location signals, retailers now have an innovative new way to understand and influence the in-store behaviors of mall shoppers. Swirl Networks, a Simon portfolio company, offers retailers a turnkey platform for generating valuable shopper behavioral data and then acting on that data with a powerful new set of specialized marketing capabilities.

Using a variety of location signals, including GPS, in-store WiFi, and in-aisle beacons, retailers can use the Swirl platform in a variety of ways including:

  • Encourage more shoppers to visit your store by delivering highly relevant messages and offers to their smartphones as they walk from the parking lot to the mall entrance
  • Understand store traffic patterns and shopping behaviors with sophisticated in-store analytics and reporting tools
  • Increase conversion rate and basket size of your shoppers by delivering digital offers directly to consumers while they browse in your store
  • Optimize your digital advertising investments by understanding the impact of specific online ad campaigns on store traffic

Swirl’s easy to use platform allows retail marketers to get started in a matter of days.  Leverage your location.  Know your shoppers.  Personalize your message.  It’s the ultimate omnichannel advantage and it’s available now.

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