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Partner Highlight - The Granite Grid

Get High Speed Internet From Simon via The Granite Grid

· Simon Services

Get high speed internet connectivity from Simon that is powered by Granite’s extensive experience providing voice and data to retailers at many Simon-managed centers; making Granite the perfect partner to manage your in-store network.

High Speed Internet Connectivity from Simon / Granite Grid


  • Reduce costs for voice and data services
  • Rapid installation without weeks or months service delays
  • Single point of productivity by boosting network performance
  • Reduce capital investments
  • Allocate time to other important matters
  • Utilize the Granite as an extension of your technology team


  • Project management for voce and data projects
  • Support from a dedicated team familiar with the complex needs of retailers
  • Ongoing support from Granite's project management team, support that continues, even after conversion.
  • Ongoing support and strategy to address potential challenges – even after the conversion
  • Comprehensive Nationwide coverage and consolidated invoicing available to support all of mulitple locations
  • Dedicated infrastructure, not dependent on other mall retailers


  • Dedicated Fiber Access
  • Direct Internet Access
  • Hosted Voice
  • VoIP
  • Managed Services
  • Network Design and Integration Services

Where this service is currently available:

For more information, call (617) 933-5545, or:

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