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Play Areas of the Future

Concord Mills and The Florida Mall are first to market.

As North Carolina's largest family retail destination, Concord Mills has been making additions to add even more reasons for families to come here and enjoy their experience. An entire interior renovation was completed last year which helped update the look and feel of the mall. With those cosmetic changes, some great new amenities were also added like charging stations and a new play area which was just completed at the beginning of May. The new play area has three sections or pods that are geared towards certain age groups with a toddler pod that has "sprout" designs that allow the young children to climb, slide, and spin. The middle pod has climbing blocks and electronic pianos that brings in an educational element that you don't see in most play areas. The last pod area is for older children but we've seen kids and even entire families enjoying together. It has the Light Tower Challenge and the NEOS Electronic Interactive Game which uses lights and sound for a fun, athletic experience that will test your coordination. Retailers are very excited about the new play area because it not only offers more interactive games for all ages of kids, but it has upgraded soft seating so shoppers can relax and take a break while their kids play. There is even have built in charging in the seating. Feedback from the stores and shoppers has been about how it has elevated not only the appearance of the play area but the overall experience.

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