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Shopping Smarter: The Innovation Revolution at Simon

Simon Venture Group assembles the best start ups for next generation experiential mall marketing.  All of it designed to support you and your customers.

There are many exciting developments underway that will change how we shop, both online and off. Last year we launched Simon Venture Group our corporate venture capital armed with the mission to invest in retail innovations that “enhance the shopping experience" for Simon and our retailers. (

Over the past 20 months the venture group has made several investments which can be viewed as crafting eco-systems with the combined services of the companies helping create the future of retail.

One of our eco-systems is called our: Localized & Personalized Commerce ecosystem.

Collectively these companies are helping to personalize the shopping experience. Two of these help anchor the Omni-Channel Personalization and Optimization. 

SmarterHQ helps unify behavioral data from online, offline and third party data sources enabling countless methods of personalization by harnessing the power of predictive modeling.

For more information on SmarterHQ, go to for details or contact Skyler Fernandes at

LimeSpot uses machine learning and linguistic analysis to improve what content is shown to users. Shoppers are presented with related, similar, or complementary items, as well as trending items, and most popular items. LimeSpot has become the #1 downloaded app on Shopify for personalization, and offers a simple API for all ecommerce platforms. 

For more information on LimeSpot, go to for details or contact Skyler Fernandes at

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