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Simon Insider Creates Digital Connections with In-Mall Shoppers

Simon has partnered with Spring Marketplace to introduce a mall-wide loyalty program called Simon Insider. The Spring platform connects in-mall shoppers with retailers through real-time credit and debit card payment data. When shoppers register for the rewards program, they also gain access to exclusive offers and promotions. This gives your business the opportunity to deliver timely and targeted digital incentives to shoppers at the moment they are in the mall, without the need for mobile apps or beacons.

The Simon Insider program is currently live at these Simon locations:

Concord Mills - Charlotte, NC

South Park Mall - Charlotte, NC

Rockaway Townsquare - Rockaway, NJ

Menlo Park - Edison, NJ

Charlotte Premium Outlets - Charlotte, NC

Opry Mills - Nashville, TN

The Domain - Austin, TX

Barton Creek Square - Austin, TX

How Does It Work?

For Shoppers:

  1. Shoppers connect their existing debit or credit card at branded kiosks throughout the mall, on their mobile device or online.
  2. Shoppers use their connected card at the mall to earn rewards as they shop. Every dollar spent brings users one step closer to earning a reward redeemable on their next purchase.
  3. Shoppers get access to exclusive offers from retailers that are linked right to their credit card for seamless redemption.

For Retailers:

  1. Real-time data is used to segment shoppers based on frequency, shopping habits and spending behavior.
  2. These targeted shoppers receive incentives, such as a $10 gift to a retailer they haven’t shopped before or haven’t returned to in a while, to bring them in ready to spend.
  3. Because it runs on the consumers’ existing credit cards, there are no additional cards, technology, training or changes to the point-of-sale system necessary.

For more information, check out the Program Guide

To find out how you can participate, contact Andrew Thackray at

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