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Simon Rewards: A Retailer Introduction



  • A fun, engaging way to be rewarded for visiting and shopping at a Simon center.
  • An opportunity to experience perks that make visiting their shopping center more enjoyable.


  • A new way to attract traffic to your stores.
  • An opportunity to reward your best customers with perks and benefits provided by the center.

Three Components of SIMON Rewards

Using either the Simon Rewards App or Simon Rewards Kiosks in a Participating Center, Members Can Benefit in 3 Ways:

  1. Win Instantly  When at the center, members check in and play Check In & Win for a chance to win prizes from a cup of coffee to a $250 gift card
  2. Earn and use Simon Rewards points that can be redeemed for entries (chances to win) in daily prize drawings ranging from $25 gift cards, to TVs, iPads, vacations and even a car.
  3. Be Rewarded with perks – Members increase their status based on spending more. Each status level has corresponding perks and privileges, including special offers, invitations to center events and access to Reserved Parking spaces.

How Can My Store Participate?

You Can Expose Your Store to Simon Rewards Members by Providing Your Goods and Services as Prizes or Perks.


  • $ off coupons, free drinks/snacks, gift cards, etc.
  • System can manage how many of a given prize are to be awarded over how many days and can also limit how many times a member can win each prize over a period of time
  • Minimum quantities needed depend on prize value
    • 250 free items with a $2-3 value (beverage, snack)
    • 500 $ off coupons with minimum purchase, e.g. $10 off $50+, $25 of $100+
    • 25 items of at least $25 value (gift card, physical good, service) with no minimum purchase
    • 5 items of $100+ value (gift card, physical good, service) with no minimum purchase

REWARDS (differentiated by status level)

  • 3 levels: Basic, Gold, and Platinum
  • Minimum value and quantities vary by level.
    • Basic offers (generally available): 300 per month
    • Gold: 200 per month and $5-10 value
    • Platinum: 100 per month and $10-20 value
  • Perks can be limited to 1 per month per member

Platinum Status For Best Customers

Thank Your Best Customers With An Upgrade To Simon Rewards Platinum

Platinum Members Gain Access to Exclusive Offers and Perks, Including Our New Reserved Parking Spaces

  • Extend the benefits of our highest status level to your best customers, including access to our Reserved Parking spaces located near the primary entrances to our center
  • This is a very limited offer provided to a limited number of retailers as we carefully manage the number of  Platinum members
  • We will provide you with Simon Rewards Platinum Upgrade certificates that may be offered at your discretion to your most deserving customers who have spent over $2,000 in your store
  • The recipient's name and the store manager’s signature must be completed on the certificate before it is awarded
  • Recipients may then present the certificate at Simon Guest Services to complete the upgrade and receive their Reserved Parking permit.
  • Their Platinum status will last for 90 days but can be extended by meeting the Platinum level spending requirements at any participating Simon Rewards shopping center, and hopefully back at your store.

Which Centers Offer Simon Rewards?

Orland Square Mall (Orland Park, IL)

Woodfield Mall (Schaumburg, IL)

Gurnee Mills Mall (Gurnee, IL)

Mall of Georgia (Buford, GA)

Lenox Square Mall (Atlanta, GA)

Phipps Mall (Atlanta, GA)

Roosevelt Field Mall (Garden City, NY)

Smith Haven Mall (Lake Grove, NY)

Walt Whitman Mall (Huntington Station, NY)

The Westchester Mall (White Plains, NY)

Ross Park Mall (Pittsburgh, PA)

South Hills Mall (Bethel Park, PA)

To find out how your store can participate in the Simon Rewards Program:

More Information on the

Simon Rewards Program:

Members Start Their Shopping Day At Your Center by Playing Check In & Win

  • Win a prize just for coming to the mall – 1 chance per day playable at kiosk or on app if in a participating center
  • Simon Rewards app users will automatically play when they arrive on mall and will be notified of any prizes won
  • Chance of winning any prize is based on the quantity and selection of prizes
  • Prizes can be limited so that the same member does not win more than a set number of times over a week or month

How Do Members Earn Points?

Points For Spending

Members’ mall spending is tracked through the linking of member’s existing credit cards or through the submission of photos of eligible receipts. The receipt images are automatically processed to confirm their eligibility:

  • Store is in a participating mall
  • Date/Time of purchase
  • Total Purchase Amount
  • Cap of $5000/day
  • POINTS FOR CHECKING In when at the center

What Do Members Do With Their Points?

Enter to Win

Members can use their Simon rewards points as entries into any available prize drawings.

  • At any time, there are up to 20 prize drawings listed in Enter To Win.
  • Drawings occur almost daily.
  • Prizes range from $25 gift cards to TVs, vacations, $10,000 shopping sprees and even a car.
  • Members can redeem as little as 1 point for a single entry or increase their odds of winning by entering more points.  Total points entered is listed for each available prize, so actual odds of winning are clear.
  • Once points are entered into a prize drawing, they are used.

How Do Members Increase Their Status?

    • Members earn 1 status credit for every $1 spent in your center
    • Status credits expire 90 days after they are earned
    • A member’s status  tier is based on their active balance of status credits from the past 90 days. 
    • We recognize and reward the shopper who spends significantly in just one day, but those benefits will expire after 180 days if they don’t return and replenish their status
    • Perks and benefits at each level increase in value
    • Platinum members receive access to Reserved Parking spaces and earn double Simon Rewards points on all purchases.  This  is consistent perk across all properties. 
    • Additional perks and benefits are sourced locally
    • A member who earns Platinum status for shopping frequently at any one participating center will benefit from any Platinum offers/benefits available at any participating center

How Do Members Redeem Prizes/Perks?

Stores and Guest Services can fulfill Simon Rewards offers or perks presented in two ways:

  1. Paper Voucher Printed at a Kiosk
    • Verify Validation:
      • Paper feels/looks right
      • Has green edges with Simon Rewards logo
      • Has not expired
    • Follow instructions (e.g. enter code number)
    • If store has provided a bar code, it will be here
    • Void any redeemed coupons
  2. The Simon Rewards App
    • Member presents their phone displaying voucher but does not hit “Redeem” button until advised to
    • Verify it is valid – the expiration clock should be counting down (shows it has not expired and is not a picture/copy of a valid voucher)
    • Follow redemption instructions listed at bottom under the logo
    • Once offer is processed, click “Redeem” on app and then the confirmation “Yes, Redeem” button. Confirm that the “Congratulations” box appears and the red “Redeemed” sign  appears so that the voucher cannot be redeemed again

If you have any questions on the Simon Rewards Program, or to find out how you can participate:

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