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SmarterHQ's New Personalization Engine: StoreFront

From the Mall to the Couch: Finish Line Captivates Their Customers Everywhere They Shop

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First it was multichannel.  Then it was omnichannel.  Now it’s 360-degree view of the customer.  Sure, the buzzwords have changed, but the problem persists.  Why is it still so difficult to have timely insight into what customers are doing in-store, online and through your call center?

Though technology has become more sophisticated, it’s been nearly impossible to see what customers are doing online and in-store fast enough to make that information actionable and valuable.  Yet, 73% of customers demand a personalized experience—so, retailers do what they can with what they have.

Until now. SmarterHQ has solved this problem for marketers with their new StoreFront edition. With StoreFront, marketers can easily captivate each of their customers with relevant, personalized marketing messages—regardless of where they shop. SmarterHQ’s personalization engine analyzes online and offline consumer activity to automate real-time interactions across email and web to drive more revenue and increase customer lifetime value. This is a massive game changer for retailers for since omnichannel customers have a 30% higher lifetime value to your brand. Therefore, marketing campaigns that drive conversion both online and in-store are ideal.

For Finish Line, SmarterHQ’s StoreFront has already contributed to a significant increase in the lifetime value of their customers. Scott Posilkin, CRM & Retention Digital Email Strategist for Finish Line, leverages the real-time online and offline transactional and behavioral data in StoreFront to convert more of their in-store only customers to become omnichannel. They also use SmarterHQ’s personalization engine to automate in-store purchase follow-up emails to increase order value, upsell/cross-sell, and replenishment campaigns.

“The StoreFront Edition of SmarterHQ has allowed us to truly understand and market to our customer like never before,” said Scott Posilkin, CRM & Retention Digital Email Strategist for Finish Line. “Let’s say a customer purchased something from Adidas in-store. They will then receive an post-purchase email that has product recommendations based on the specific item and brand they purchased. When they visit the website, they will also see a personalized onsite banner based on that same product that they bought. Our goal is to tie all digital and physical touch-points together to stay relevant to the customer to keep them engaged.”

Here are some other types of campaigns SmarterHQ clients are running with their StoreFront edition:

  • Suppressing abandoned cart emails if the customer converts in-store
  • Recognizing customers who purchase a lot online but return in-store
  • Providing incentives to customers who always buy in-store to start also buying online
  • IP-geo driven campaigns to drive foot traffic and promote specific merchandise
  • Encouraging upsell/cross-sell opportunities immediately following a purchase in-store or online

Want to learn more? SmarterHQ works with some of the world’s largest brands – such as Eddie Bauer, eBags, Chico’s, and Finish Line to drive phenomenal business results. They’ve been recognized by Forbes as technology to push e-commerce into a new era of personalization and Forrester's Total Economic Impact study to deliver 667% in ROI. 

SmarterHQ will be sponsoring the upcoming conference in Booth #7094 where you can stop by to see a demonstration of StoreFront (and pick up some personalized popcorn!). For more information visit

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