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Survey Confirms Malls Remain the Destination of Choice for Today’s Shoppers

Malls are shoppers’ top preference for any occasion, but especially
for the occasions that matter most

Shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to shop in the mall versus online for any occasion, particularly for the occasions that matter most to them, according to a recent survey of 1,200 shoppers. The survey, conducted by Dreyfus Advisors, LLC, an independent research firm, explored shopping channel preferences and the underlying drivers of consumer behavior.

“Malls are the destination of choice for the vast majority of today’s shoppers,” said Mikael Thygesen, Chief Marketing Officer for Simon. “Mall shopping is a fun, social and rewarding experience that can’t be replicated online and we’re investing in our assets to ensure we remain the preferred choice of shoppers for years to come.”


  • Even when there is no specific occasion in mind, shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to shop the mall over online
  • Shoppers show a strong preference for shopping at their favorite mall versus online for a number of occasions, including:

NOTE: The remaining percentages prefer non-mall brick-and-mortar locations

Shoppers’ strong preferences are driven by a number of factors, both practical and emotional:

Top Reasons Cited By Consumers For Shopping The Mall

  • Find stores I cannot find elsewhere
  • Find great bargains
  • Find new discoveries I wouldn’t find online
  • Provides an easy shopping experience
  • Makes shopping fun
  • Gives me a place to escape

This study was conducted surveying shoppers in eight markets: Atlanta, Los Angeles Metro, Chicago, Boston, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Miami / South Florida and New York / New Jersey.

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