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The Buzz About Location Based Messaging and Beacon Technology

Learn from Simon's Due Diligence As We Select The Best Two Platforms For Mobile Location Based Messaging Across Simon Malls

Simon Venture Group, our in house experts on retail technology and innovations, executed a large scale deep due diligence effort across the beacon and beacon ad network space, canvassing over 30 players in the current landscape, and these are our recommendations:


The Swirl mobile presence marketing platform enables retailers to originate an entirely new set of offline customer behavioral data and act on that data with specialized marketing tools to drive greater customer engagement, sales and marketing efficiency near store, at the store, and in isle.


Mobiquity Networks, our exclusive common area beacon network partner, has developed a turn-key solution for delivering hyper-local mobile campaigns in our shopping center common areas.

Would you prefer a personal orientation to Beacons by the Simon Innovations Team?

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